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Modinfo Lua not valid??

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Same case right here! However I will post my file even though I could just re-download the file and change it when submitting:

- This information tells other players more about the mod
name = "Yuri Lowell"
description = "A character for Don't Starve Together with more comming soon. Skins compatible version."
author = "Aeroon"
version = "1.2.3" -- This is the version of the template. Change it to your own number.

-- This is the URL name of the mod's thread on the forum; the part after the ? and before the first & in the url
forumthread = "/files/file/950-extended-sample-character/"

-- This lets other players know if your mod is out of date, update it to match the current version in the game
api_version = 10

-- Compatible with Don't Starve Together
dst_compatible = true

-- Not compatible with Don't Starve
dont_starve_compatible = false
reign_of_giants_compatible = false

-- Character mods need this set to true
all_clients_require_mod = true 

icon_atlas = "modicon.xml"
icon = "modicon.tex"

-- The mod's tags displayed on the server list
server_filter_tags = {

--configuration_options = {}


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