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Help me with electrolyzer

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So my idea is run 2 pumps in closed space with electrolyzer to get all 1000g of gasses out of it.  Now i run a filter after each of these pumps. In order to justify this i feel like i need to get to 10 electrolyzers so that the 11th generator can run and pay for the power consumption.  when i do this tho the mall enclosed rooms with the pumps end up stopping sometimes because why?  I feel like the filter isnt taking in all the gas. should i filter out hydrogen or oxygen from this filter?  What i have tried is filtering out the oxygen and dumping it right into a void and it still doesnt take all the gas?

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I would recommend you to read through this topic, I think the research spawned the best and so far unbeaten designs:

In general, you don't need to keep your electrolyzer working full time. It doesn't waste power or water when it waits for the pressure to go down. Most power is usually wasted on gas pumps, trying to keep as low pressure as possible around the electrolyzer, they run full time, scooping less than 500 g packets. That's wasted power.

Also, you don't need to feed a hydrogen generator to keep it running full time. You just need to keep the colony's consumption below the power you are able to generate. The game has batteries, and these can be used to get through the time when the generator doesn't run. And with electrolyzers, you're ultimately limited by number of duplicants in your colony, which is in turn limited by amount of food you can prepare for them. A 100-duplicant colony is usually already too big to handle, and even for that you only need about 12-15 electrolyzers, tops. That's slightly more than one hydrogen generator.

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