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Friend only lags in my server

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I've been hosting my own dedicated server for a good 2 and a half years with multiple people popping in and out but one of my friends for the longest times cannot have a stable connection to my server. Some days it gets bad and other days its become unbearable.

This only happens in my server.  

Some other people in my server are lag free and some have even worst specs/internet connections than my friend of mine.

He explains to me he can play other games flawlessly which are more intensive than DST(a bunch of RTS and FPS games). Explains he has the required open ports(UDP 10999) and has tried using the console to connect to my server. It says for him that average ping for him is 65 but the moment he actually join's it exponentially increases to an unbearable number. We also lowered the tick-rate and it still went to poop.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? While this isn't my problem in particular I still want him to be join my server lag free

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