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[US] 100+ Day World with a fair amount of players

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Hey there, starverinos! Currently, I'm working on a world called "Mr. Popper's Pengulls" with a couple of friends from my Discord. We have about 8 people working on it (don't worry, they haven't all been on at once yet), including me. The server is public, but if you'd like to help out you can join whenever you see it, or you can check out our Discord where you can get notified whenever we play. We're on about day 120 and buisness is booming! I like to keep things clean, so we don't have any mods on this world, and neither are we ever planning on installing any.

Unless you literally have no idea what you're doing, generally I'm pretty acceptive of most skill levels.


Who's Playing Who:
SkyCommision - Wickerbottom

MakotoNanaya - Wigfrid

zzkitty42 - Wendy (gone for a week)

FatherLuma - Wilson

CliffHanger - Maxwell

Wothur - Webber (as usual)

Charlie - WX-78

Grizzly Woodsman - Woodie



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