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World with default settings - no clockwork mobs

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Today, I generated a new world based on default settings. However, there is no clockwork knight, bishop or rook. I even tried c_gonext("knight")/c_gonext("bishop")... but the server responded with "Could not find any objects matching 'bishop'/'knight'". 

The dedicated server version is 2006932. The worldgenovveride.lua contains:

return {
  override_enabled = true,
  overrides = {
    chess = "default",

This shouldn't happen because the DST update changelog of "HOTFIX 193331 - 10/14/2016" has the following fix:


• New worlds are guaranteed to contain a Maxwell Statue and at least one Clockwork Knight.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible with the aforementioned config files to have a world generated without any clockwork mob?

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return {
  ["workshop-378160973"] = { enabled = true}, -- Global Positions,
  ["workshop-362175979"] = { enabled = true }, -- Wormhole Marks

Are these mods known to cause issues?

Just generated another world (huge size) with chess at default and there were merely two knights and one single bishop.

When setting chess mobs to often, you walk like 4 foot and run from one into the next. This seems out of balance, to me. I'm using the dedicated server from Steam, not the in-game-server of DST.

When creating a new server with the in-game-server of DST with chess mobs at default, there are like 8 bishops and 8 knights in a standard world, which is what I expect from these settings.

There seems to be an issue with the dedicated server.

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