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Some questions about dedicated servers ...

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Hello everyone ...

Im really tired of playing on public server ... I just leave for some hours and when I come back it is reseted because someone is dead in it ! And this will certainly happen on every public server ... So I decided to run my own dedicated server but I have some questions before making it ...

1. Am I forced to keep my pc always on if I want the server be online for my other friends ?

2. What about router ? Does server turns off if I turn off my router ?

3. Does it use traffic of my network ?



These questions may seem simple to you , but I don't have much network knowledge ...

Please help me ...

thank you ...

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1. Only the machine you are gonna run it on. For example if you have a PC that is set up as a server running somewhere else (a physical one in your house or a rented one from a company) you can shut down your PC independantly. If you wanna run it on your Pc you have to shut the server down every time you shut down your PC.

2. If you run the dedicated server from your own network over your internet, it won't shut down itself, but noone will be able to connect to it while your router is off. If you rented a server from a company it's independant of your router.

3. Depends on where you host it as well. If you host it from your network yes. If you rent a server from a company it won't.


If you don't have much networking knowlege I'd personally recommend to either rent a hosted preconfigured dedicated one from a company so you don't have to worry about setting it up, keeping it online, etc, but you still have full control over it. (Including setting a password, rollbacks, etc.)

Otherwise a client hosted server might be enough for you, if you are only playing with a max of 5 other people and you accept that noone can play on the server while you aren't playing. (This one requires your PC to run the server as well though, same as if you would host the server on your local PC, so you probably need a pretty decently powerful PC, and it goes over your network, potentially using up traffic if you don't have limitless.)

Hope this helped.

Best regards,


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