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Metheus Puzzle 3 Question

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Hello. Currently, me and a friend are doing metheus and are trying to it as spoiler free as possible. However, after we finished the second panel on the right and searched for clues all over (inspecting the website, clicking on torches and smoke, raising the brightness and contrast of all/any images ect) we did decide to look up what to do next without looking up the actual solution. So basically, I know I need to go to a chest in-game that's in the ruins. I have 2 questions, though.

1. Do me and my friend go to the same chest in the same world, or do we need our own worlds to go to?

2. Does it have to be a new world, or can it be one that I've already created?

I'd normally want to find out on my own, but it'd be very time consuming for me, and I'd rather just know this part of the puzzle so that I can continue onward. Also, please don't spoil the actual puzzle solution! Thanks :)

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Greetings, dearest hothead2097.


I shall give you your answer...

In the form of a riddle.


Thy second panel has been complete,

and you are left with a set of images.

There lies a chest in the Heart,

for which you must use.

The set of images

Are not what they are

And to solve thy puzzle

You must do it all together.



sorry, you said you didn't want the answer so I just did a riddle. If you need some hints I'll definitely give you some



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