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Custom Character launch freezing, invisible character animation model (Various other issues)

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Hello everyone, recently as an avid player of Don't Starve Together I decided to try and make a mod. I had been originally using this tutorial 

which was fairly understandable, however as a beginner I am facing an array of challenges thus far, and I cannot find the solution to them


- Character Portrait not appearing

- Character model being invisible

- Launching a server, and then picking the character never loads, it doesn't freeze though, just never loads in

- Proper Texture alignment

If anyone could help out on these issues, I would be very grateful, and if there's any pointers I would appreciate those too. Additionally, if it's required of me to post more information, I would gladly do so.



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Yes, at the moment it will be hard to help without seeing the mod. But before i suggest you to verify that you have all the name right in the file. Meaning : you renamed all that should be renamed, with names in the right format, and not touched the things that shouldn't be renamed. Because lot of errors come from this.

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did you replaced the "ESC_TEMPLATE" by "NAME", the "esc_template" by "name" ? Did you keep the esc_template name when it was needed, or did you replace it all ? Because as far as i know not everything is to replace and case is important.

(Sorry can't look at mod now)

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From my point of view, the tutorial said to replace all ESC_TEMPLATE and estemplate by the character name in the different sizes, delthea, and DELTHEA. However, I could be wrong, I'll check with the original file, it could be an uppercase issue

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When I tried renaming the files to try something different, I would get errors such as this



Furthermore, I tried using the original template mod, which worked fine on my end. I tried tinkering with some textures; such as the portrait, however it didn't show up, it was blank similar to the listed problems on the first post

Screenshot of the portrait not working







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