Trying to edit game recipes, what am i doing wrong


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I've been trying to modify the games recipes through the GetAllRecipes function. The code currently looks like this:

function ChangeRecipes()
    Rec = require "recipe"
    Recipes = Rec.GetAllRecipes()
    for i,recipe in ipairs(Recipes) do
        for k,ingredient in ipairs(recipe.ingredients) do
            ingredient.amount = ingredient.amount * 0.5
        recipe.level = TECH.NONE

I've had experience with c# and c++ before, but not so much with lua. This code when executed, only makes the game crash without any errors. I've tried Recipes = GLOBAL.GetAllRecipes() and also Recipes = GetAllRecipes(), but it creates the same result.

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The crash may be because some of your recipe amounts end up being half a unit.
That is just speculation through.

you might want to try making it equal the ingredient amount *0.5, rounded up to the nearest whole.

I have no idea how that would be done, or even if it would work.
Just making some guesses

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