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We need don't starve together pocket eddition !!

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I was playing this game while over my cousin house on the PS4 and instantly became addicted , unfortunately I don't have a PS4 of my own but i found out about pocket edition,thank God! And I'm not even the type to buy phone games but this is worth all 500 pennies , I'd pay even more honestly.It's non stop fun but would be even better if you could share the experience with someone else just like on the console but on the go. People would go crazy for this , please give us don't starve together pocket edition!

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Well since the Don't Starve Together PC requirements are low Klei doesn't have that great of a motive to make a DST mobile. Plus it would be more restrictive and with lag problems that already exist on PC during online play. Probably a very low chance of happening but who knows


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