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A tiny detail that could radically help with vote abuse

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So.. An issue we have is that on larger pubs, people have an impulsive tendency of just immediately hitting "yes" when a vote comes up.

I feel there should be a "grace" period. It wouldn't have to be long. Let's say, 30 seconds, or even 20. A period of time between when the person starts the vote and the voting begins.

So something comes up like, "The vote to rollback the world will begin in 20 seconds" with a timer. It's not a lot of time, but it's enough time for some well needed banter about why this is being proposed.

"Wait, why are we kicking X player, what did they do?", "Why are we rolling back? Did the base get griefed?". Sometimes the answer's "Yeah, they torched the base"... but sometimes it's not, and with the current system (and boy do I see this a lot), by the time someone clarifies that they want to roll back the whole server, NOT because the base got torched again, but because they died... but the votes are already in, and we all get to sit there for the remaining time, pissed cause we're rolling back for no reason and no amount of the remaining "no" votes can stop it.

Additionally, I've seen people who were being votekicked clear the air in just a few seconds with an explanation on why they did something disconcerting, or provide simple proof that they couldn't have been the one to torch the base.... subsequently get kicked because the votes from the stupid ******* impulsive players are already in.

......An alternative might be to just give us the ability to switch between 'Yes' and 'No' as the vote goes on. Personally I don't think it's quite enough time but I think it'd certainly help.

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