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A solution to the votekick system; Context sensitive kicking

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The current system has 3 major flaws:

  • 1. It requires the player to be a veteran to start the vote. (A whopping 20 days minimum)
  • 2. It can be abused to kick innocent people. (Especially on larger, public servers)
  • 3. It can be abused to undo the intended consequences of legitimate failure. (Starting a fight with, say, Klaus first thing in the morning, failing halfway through the day, and rolling back to fight him again)

I propose a system where someone can make themselves "candidates" for a votekick by doing certain things.

For instance, let's say you're a griefer, you find a base, and open a LOADED fridge. You decide to grief by eating it all. Once you reach maxed hunger (e.g. 150/150), a counter starts. If you devour, say, 10 more pieces of food after that, that 'boot' next to your name on the player scoreboard unlocks i.e. for a certain period of time, you open yourself up as a "candidate" for being votekicked.

Hypothetical examples of things that might make you a candidate: (click 'Spoiler' for parameter details)

  • Burning a base down

In order to be as fair as possible, this would specifically require several things:

1. You DIRECTLY started the fire, and it engulfed 4 or more player-placed structures.


So either,

  • A. You simply took a torch (or Willow's lighter) and lit a player-placed structure on fire, which spread
  • B. You built a campfire right up against a player-placed structure, which ignited and spread

Special note about trees... Player planted trees don't count towards the counter for "4 or more player-placed structures" burned, but they DO count as a "directly started" ignition, i.e. You're not going to become a votekick candidate for planting a cluster of pinecones away from base and coming back the next day to torch it for charcoal, but you ARE going to become a votekick candidate for planting a pinecone right up against base, waiting 4 minutes, then torching the tree so that it spreads to the rest of the base.

So yes, griefers can still ignite a naturally generated tree if it's close enough to base and get off scot-free. The solution to that problem is to make sure your base isn't so close to random trees, which is something you should be doing anyway.

2. You were not in immediate danger of dying to Charlie at the time.


So either,

  • A. It was day/dusk
  • B. It was night, BUT you were protected by a stationary light source (e.g. a fire pit, a night light, an active light flower, etc)
  • C. It was dark and you were not next to a light source, BUT you had at least 1 light-producing item on you with 10 or more seconds left on it

3. You were not in immediate danger of freezing.


So either,

  • A. You were not cold (i.e. You were above 10°, the point at which ice visually forms around the edges of the screen)
  • B. You were cold but there was a visible fire/heat source on your screen to walk to, and you had 13 or more HP (equivalent to a full +10 seconds before freezing to death to get to it)

4. You were not the one who crafted/placed/planted the structures in question.


Note, a structure that YOU place acts a lot like any player-planted tree.

That is, if you were a griefer and you placed a science machine up against someone's stuff with the intention of lighting it to burn the whole base down, the science machine wouldn't count towards the 4 burnt structures necessary to make you a candidate, but the chain reaction of structures ignited as a result of its spread WOULD count.

Thus, that mechanic can not be easily to torch bases while remaining unkickable.


  • Joining the game and immediately hammering down a base for no apparent reason

In order to be as fair as possible, this would specifically require several things:

1. The structure you hammered was not placed by you.

2. You destroyed something valuable you probably shouldn't have, specifically either,

  • a. A tech station that you can not craft the better version of

e.g. Destroying alchemy engines is a big no-no, but it's okay if you've already made one someplace else, because it proves you're personally invested

By extension, if you've ever placed or prebuilt an alchemy engine, it's perfectly fine to destroy a science machine (even if you've never crafted a science machine)

Same thing for prestihatitators (that is, it's okay to destroy a presti if you've made a shadow manipulator)

  • b. A chest or ice box that had stuff in it
  • c. An ice flingomatic

3. You haven't been here for very long.

  • Eating all the food, when you're full and have nothing to gain from it.

In order to be as fair as possible, this would specifically require several things:

1. You were completely full yet continued to eat 10 or more pieces of food.


This can't really protect against eating already prepared food, like if you had 9 meaty stews or something, but it will help against griefers who just sit on the fridge and devour 4 stacks of ice and berries.

2. You were at >40 hp


The reasoning for this is because there are situations where you may need to inefficiently gouge food to get your health just high enough to take the 40 hp hit for a telltale heart to bring someone back to life.

3. Your sanity was above 15% (the point at which hallucinations attack)

Now, I was a little exhaustive with those examples, but the general concept still stands.

It doesn't need to be complicated. To avoid a programming nightmare, attention to detail of the nuances could be waived. Further, the rules could otherwise coexist with existing votekick rules. For instance, maybe a 20+ day person can just start a votekick on anyone, even if they otherwise hadn't flagged themselves as a candidate.

It could be as simple as keeping the 20+ day rule and just implementing the rule: "If you light X+ number of other player's structures on fire, you're eligible to be votekicked by anyone"

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