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Autocompiler and Code Help

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So there are 2 issues here that I want to solve:

  1. Autocompiler: I have been trying to use autocompiler to compress my ".scml" file of Don' t Starve Together, but it does not open at all. It justs opens and closes in the same second, without displaying any errors.
  2. Code Help: I need some help to code my character' s special effect. Just answer and I will say what effect I want.


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I don't know for the autocompiler. But for the code help, you will have to explain to have help. And you have more luck to have help if you explain in the first post and people don't have to read all the topic to figure out what you want.

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So, for the code I need these:

  • Character can prototype armors on any workbench, does not need Ancient Pseudoscience Station to make Thulecite armor and requires cut grass to repair clothing, and not sewing kit.
  • Character doesn' t lose clothes when dying, keeping them when revived.
  • Character is slower and loses more sanity without armor, also getting Insomniac.

Hope you can help me with these

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On 14/07/2017 at 4:19 PM, Lumina said:

I can't help you but this usually happens when there is a mistake with your character template, like not renaming something right, renaming something wrong, deleting image or stuff like this.

I already checked everything, and it is named completely correct. Still, I can send you the mod, so you can help me with it.

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