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First of all, thanks to Klei for this awesome game. I'm enjoying it very much. It's in early access, so I've decided to post my thoughts here. I apologize if any of this was discussed elsewhere on this forum.

Building ideas:

  • Sink - building that allows duplicants to pick up water in their inventory without having to flood the base. Water is supplied through a pipe.
  • Ventilation pump - an advanced gas pump with an additional input gas pipe. This pipe can be connected to multiple vents, and the pump will suck the gas from atmosphere through all the vents. It would help to build a proper ventilation system without placing huge amounts of pumps everywhere.


  • It's not clear how hydrogen generator works. It doesn't consume or produce any other matter, so it looks kind of magical. A proper hydrogen generator could consume oxygen and produce water (and basically be a reverse version of Electrolyzer).
  • Coal generator should consume a lot of oxygen when working.
  • It seems strange that each duplicant wants a separate Mess table. It would be more realistic if they could just use any Mess table free at the moment. I guess it even can be emulated now by manually unassigning all tables constantly (unless duplicants feel good just from knowing they have a table), so it feels more like a management failure.


  • When a game is loaded, it's paused and all electrical buildings show annoying "not connected" error icon. The icons disappear only after unpausing for a moment.
  • Priority tool should be able to change priority of sweep tasks.
  • For Deconstruct and Cancel tools: when some filter is selected (e.g. liquid pipes), activate the corresponding display overlay, like for building pipes. When a display overlay is active and then Deconstruct or Cancel tool is selected, activate the corresponding filter.
  • Allow to configure a building (e.g. select filters for a storage compactor) before it's constructed. It's easy to forget to configure a building later if duplicants don't build it right away.
  • It's inconvenient that pipes are built by connecting two tiles, but only single tiles can be deconstructed (along with all connections). Allow to deconstruct a pipe connection between two tiles without destroying other pipe connection at these tiles.



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