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High Cycle Game play

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I'm not really sure where to put this since it's not a bug but is related to development not general discussion.... Your devs on their stream always say they value high cycle saves being sent to them so I've been meaning to send some in for them. Included are save files I've made while playing so they can have multiple high cycle files and can see for themselves how lag and other performance issues grow within a single file. (Also If you check out the Redward monument in the cycle 2689 file - it is meant to be seen in either the thermal overlay or decor overlay)

Hope this helps and Keep up the good work!

Eadra Stream Cycle 731.sav

Eadra's Stream Cycle 584.sav

Eadra's Stream Cycle 981.sav

Eadra's Stream Cycle 1189.sav

Eadra's Stream Cycle 1504.sav

Eadra's Stream Cycle 2000.sav

Eadra's Stream Cycle 2689.sav

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