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Closing a Dedicated server.

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I have a  dedicated server on Windows 7 Pro, that runs fine as far as I can tell, it's set up and working with mods etc, my friends play on it with me.

as I run it from my computer, and I don't have my computer on 24/7 I have to shut down the server when I go to bed etc.

Problem is closing them down, the 2 open application windows (forest world and caves) turn over lines of code so fast that I can't actually type out "c_shutdown(true)" before a new line has come up and cut off my typing.

They used to stop at "sim paused" but now seem to endlessly run over and over, although this does not seem to actually effect the server in any way; it's still paused when no one is in the server.

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to make a .bat file to close down both windows and save them?

ATM I'm using a macro to type "c_shutdown(true)" in about half a second in the window, but just double clicking a .bat to do it automatically for both would be nice.

There is an old tutorial here that does it, but I cannot seem to get that way to work I think as it's using old versions of the game to update and such, plus it's a detailed way and not the method I've used to set up my server.

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Hi @Carnage2k4, welcome to the forums!

It doesn't matter if you don't manage to write the whole command before a new line comes in, the server reads your full input since the last time you pressed Enter. So if you write c_shu, a new line is printed, then you finish off tdown() and then press Enter, your command c_shutdown() will be processed properly. Note that c_shutdown() and c_shutdown(true) have the same effect.

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