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Lower the Sanity Drain at Night/Character Mod Help


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Completely new to this whole modding etc thing, I am grasping the script concept pretty well, however, I am trying to do a simple task and not finding any answers. In short I want to change my character's sanity drain to a small amount during the day, less in the evening, and none at night. Any help is appreciated and remember, especially with scripting I am a novice!


Also if you know off hand if there is a way to make a character a little more comfortable in chilly weather, and also more uncomfortable in the heat to balance out, that would be just lovely! Thank you! :D

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Hi @LoganBerry, welcome to the forums!

You can set custom sanity values with dapperness, night_drain_mult and custom_rate_fn for the sanity component. dapperness in this case you might not need, it sets a flat sanity gain (or penalty) to your character at all times. Maxwell uses it. night_drain_mult affects time of day and light sources, I'd recommend you set it to 0 so your character isn't affected directly by this and instead handle it separately. Which is where custom_rate_fn comes in: it allows you to set a custom function to calculate (extra) sanity to your needs. For example, you could use this in your character lua file to handle time of day and temperature:

local function sanityfn(inst)
	local ret = (GetClock():IsDay() and -5)
		 or (GetClock():IsDusk() and -3)
		 or 0

	local temp = inst.components.temperature:GetCurrent()
	if temp > 50 then
		ret = ret + -(temp-50)/10
	elseif temp < 15 and temp > 0 then	--no sanity gain when freezing
		ret = ret + (15-temp)/5

	return ret

Then call it from your fn function:

local function fn(inst)
	-- other character stuff
	-- ...
	inst.components.sanity.night_drain_mult = 0
	inst.components.sanity.custom_rate_fn = sanityfn

Note that: I have not tested the code, so it could crash (unlikely, though); I made up the numbers, you'll want to make sure the values work for you (and I recommend you take a look at the scripts/components/sanity.lua file, specifically the Sanity:Recalc function); and I'm assuming RoG/SW, vanilla is very similar.

PS: you posted in the tutorials section. If you're looking for help with your mod, I suggest you post directly in the DS Modding section, or the DST Modding section if it's for DST.

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