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White outline

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I am making custom item - "ice spear" my photo is in png and transparent, but every time i convert it to tex, add to the anim file of the item as atlas-0 and i start the game i get this result. Is there way to fix it ?

Thanks for help and awnser.

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Usually if you just copy and paste a photo theres a pretty good chance that photo has a white background even though it appears transparent when you see it. You'll need to pretty much take a close look and erase any white lines around the photo manually, making the white into transparent for some reason doesn't translate well with .tex files. There's also an unusual anomaly for a lack of better words that the game's daylight or lighting makes bright colors close to white if my erase white lines manually suggestion doesn't work. With that being said you're most likely have to turn the brightness to dark to counter the game's lighting.

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10 hours ago, K1NGT1GER609 said:

Judging from the photo's you posted you modified a spear anim file and there may have been a chance the two spears overlapped somehow. I've posted some photo's below is that what you're trying to do?



Yes. How can i fix this ? Are the pictures okay ? Thanks for awnser and help.

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The pictures are ok, how to fix it on a spear anim file is difficult since its very limited on space so its easier to use a wand template from here. So there's the icespear zip just know to make multiple copies as the mod file is very...unpredictable and causes strange errors even though the code is right.


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