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Looking for buddies to play on ps4

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whay the title says ^^


im looking for 2-4 other people to play with me, preferably playing all different characters. I also would like the people I play with to have mics, as it's easier to communicate that way. 

My gamer tag is Midnigmastr110

see you then ^^

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I am also looking for players. I am experienced and have several different worlds but would like to try some other characters and also have some things I would like to accomplish that go better with friends. PSN name YOUOLME06.

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4 hours ago, Oldfart said:

One more in need of ppl to play with, preferably with a mic. Toadstool is giving me s**t so i need help bagging her. Still haven't visited Ancient Fuelweaver.

psn the_bole

I think I accepted your request. I've never killed toadstool or fuel weaver tho so I'm not sure how helpful I will be.

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