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Whats your opinion?

What's your opinion?  

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  1. 1. How do you feel about it?

    • It would make the game more enjoyable.
    • It would make the game worse
    • It would impede my playstyle

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I think I heard the devs mention in a stream that they were experimenting with the idea of have certain dupes have similar stats/traits (?) , which I think is great because it fits with the cloning thing and it would allow players to get attached to dupes throughout several playthroughs. Id love to see all Stinkys have flatulence 

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Well that seems fine, but until they remove the option I will continue to start my 3 dupes with 8+ cooking/learning/creativity.

I had a thought that I haven't suggested that might be somewhat related:  dupes based on Don't Starve characters that you could unearth after leaving the starting biome.  :D

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