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Improve worldgen

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Hi, I've played a lot of hours in DST, and I found that world generation must be improved.

First of all: Sometimes there's no clockworks spawned in the world. Don't tell me that I just couldn't find it. Sometimes they just not spawned and you have to search gears in tumble weeds, digging graves or visit ruins just to get gears. It sucks actually :D . Especially it's really bad for public servers.

Second thing: In my opinion, "The hunters" biome must be present in every world (biome with 3 walrus camps). Come on! It's Don't Starve Together. Just one MacTusk camp for a whole map is not enough!

Thirdly: Improve world generation by itself and make it more unpredictable.

Well, I understand that it seems predictable to me because I played this wonderful game too much. But still I remember the times when you wasn't sure that big swamp biome leads to nothing. It's always ending biome now. Same with optional rock biome, decidious forest (with no king), spiders-rocky biome and "The Hunters' biome. You will never get oasis desert in the middle of the map :( . Once, More then year ago, I remember, that evil bees biome divided map into 2 parts (generated in the middle). It doesn't happens anymore :( .

So sad...

And yes, I know that there's mods and I can edit worldgen files to add MacTusks biome ,for example. I'm talking about default world here and clean game without mods.

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