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Power Equipment Upgrades Via Research

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I have been running into a big issue that I feel the game could also use. I wish there where more technology options specifically in the area of power generation. For example to reach Coal Generation its the second Tier but what if there was a 4th or 5th tier that unlocked advanced Coal generators. For the sake of keeping this simple I am going to focus only on Coal generators so you can follow what I am saying once you get the concept this could be applied to all other forms of power generation ie. Hydrongen Generators, Natural Gas and maybe even a steam or water powered Generators.

Anyway to get back on track the Upgraded Coal generators would be able to output double or triple the power of the Tier 2 Coal generators which would utilize more elaborate electrical wire and power regulator usage to balance this power. Also the near Coal Generator will allow you to Choose if you want to directly attach a Gas pipe and vent to direct the by product of C02 anywhere you want it to go like it has its own build in pump instead of you having to put in a room closed off or pumping it with a pump or air scrubbing it off. This simple idea can be scaled up I find myself rushing research early then I don't need it anymore I kinda wish researching would be a little harder so it makes you work more and longer for those more simplified tasks over time so you can focus on the limited resources that you are starting to run out of. Just an idea I have more but for now that will do.


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