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As for now ONI is kind of unstable, as we all know. The game gets increasingly more laggy the more dublicants you have and also takes increasingly longer to load. But it is safe to assume that this will be fixed throughout the game's development. Once the scripts run more smoothly and the entire game gets better frame rates, there will be less of a difference between a running game and a paused one. Currently, I still frequently pause the game so I can move to a different section of the map more quickly. If that no longer is an issue and the frame rate difference between a running and a paused game has lessened, there's a fun little detail I would like to see in the game.


When the game is paused, maybe dublicants and creatures could ACT as if they were frozen in time and standing still. But in truth, they are just waiting for you to give the command to continue. Sometimes you see dublicants moving their eyes around or giving annoyed looks or even a small animation that they get cramps in their legs for having to keep their most likely awkward pose for an extended period of time. If a dublicant in the middle of their walking animation, standing on one leg, they might have difficulties keeping their balance and wobble around, possibly even flailing their arms to not fall over. If they are in the middle of their eating animation, they might rub their jaw quickly every once in a while, implying it hurts for keeping it in that position for so long. When they are mid-jump or falling, they could look nervous or astonished that they are hovering midair. A dublicant throwing up could look particularly miserable for being stuck with the stream still going out of their mouth. A dublicant destroying something might blush and feel awkward for being exposed like that and stared at doing something naughty. While sleeping, dublicants might sometimes open one eye to see if they are allowed to wake up, yet.

As for creatures:

Hutches in the middle of their eating animation might drool and whimper in impatience. When they are in the mids of burrying themselves into the ground, they also might wobble around, having difficulties to keep their balance.

Pufts stuck in their idle floating animation might roll their eyes in boredom. When in their inhaling animation, they might look nervous or blush over how awkward their display is. When inflated and rising, they might turn slightly blue and look nervous, if not a bit panicky over having to hold their breath for so long.

Morbs in their idle animation might have their eye slowly shut, risking to fall asleep, only to shake their "head" soon after to recollect themselves. When in the middle of a walking animation, the morb might have trouble keeping its shape and not simply melting into a different one, so they struggle to keep their current form. When in the middle of a jump while emitting polluted oxygen, they might have their eye wide open in astonishment that they can hover.

Its just a little, completely cosmetic detail. It is insignificant, but would add a fun value to the game, just pausing the game and watching the dublicants and creatures struggling with being paused.

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