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Disabling the rich text editor? (RTE)


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Post Editor

There are two types of post editors you can use; the standard editor and the rich text editor. Both can be configured in your settings. For detailed information on each editors buttons, check out the forum help topics here.

Usually when forums have a WYSIWYG/rich text editor, there is an option lying around to disable it and use plain BBCode instead. I've never liked WYSIWYG editors for posts as I always end up running into issues with them, which is why I tend to disable them when given the option.

Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any way to actually select this option. That and the link mentioned above is now dead, which I suppose isn't very surprising considering that it's nearly 4 years old.

Is there any way for me to go back to BBCode, short of making a userscript to mutilate the post inputs?

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