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  1. So, I am trying to implement the favorite pastime of first-time DST modders and am making a custom character. The short story is that the character is meant to be able to see in the dark and gains a minor amount of sanity in it, but consequently its sanity plummets in any light source, in addition to outright burning in sunlight (without protection). I've gotten the sanity calculation for this down on my own and will be working on the sun-burning thing in the future, but I'm having an issue with the night vision. To be specific, night vision is working too well. Everything seems to essentially be rendered in full brightness, which is a problem as I cannot discern light sources with night vision on, which makes the sanity drops from light sources seem borderline arbitrary. I've tried messing with color cubes and while I've noticed ghost vision color cubes do in fact make light sources barely discernible, it's not enough to really work out from a gameplay standpoint. Not to mention that the light needs to be really intense to be visible. One part of this topic is essentially me asking if making custom color cubes is the way forward for making night vision work as I intend. I don't have any idea if it will work out as-is so for all I know I could be wasting my time, which is why I thought I'd inquire first. Failing that, is there some sort of way to configure it that I've missed? Anyway, that's one avenue to finding a solution for this. I have also tried the classic method of simply applying grue immunity via the grue component (which works) and having a light source like so attached to my character: local function common_postinit(inst) -- <Insert snipped irrelevant code here> --if not TheWorld.ismastersim then inst.entity:AddLight() inst.Light:Enable(true) inst.Light:SetRadius(32) inst.Light:SetFalloff(0.9) inst.Light:SetIntensity(0.4) inst.Light:SetColour(255/255,0/255,0/255) --end end But the problem here is that the light is server-side, which of course makes everyone able to see it and gain protection from Charlie - not to mention the fact that it also lowers my character's sanity, being a light source. As you can see by the comments, I've tried making the light client side... but it doesn't seem to do anything with the check enabled. The light doesn't show up. Am I doing something wrong? And finally, if both of these options don't work out, I've simply considered drawing a ring around the effective radius of a light source, which would be ugly but would at least allow me to tell where they begin and end. That is assuming that I can do this. I'd look into that on my own if need be. I'm hoping that one of the solutions above could work before I resort to that, though. In closing, is it possible to 'fix' night vision with color cubes, or to make a client-side light so I can at least fake it and still see (brighter) lights?
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel I was able to locate the unmodified images but the source for them is a bit harder to find.
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I am considering trying to make this a thing. I would need to write code to try to adjust all of the anims' part positions automatically though, since screw doing all that manually. I mean... I could, but it'd probably take me weeks.
  4. - People who treat the base like it's their own personal playground - Taking the only stack(s) of an item, and maybe if they feel nice, stuffing what's left back in a chest other than the one it was originally in, so you get to resort it. - People who can't handle combat running off on their own - Rambo-style - only to quickly die and immediately start pestering you for a revive and just hanging around in general draining your san. I mean, sure fighting the Deerclops isn't the most important task in the game, but it's kind of hard to get around to reviving when dealing with it. If only they would just disconnect for like 5 minutes, I'd really appreciate it. - People fighting giants and running away from you instead of to you, guaranteeing that you're going to lose HP/Sanity trying to chase it down. Only further compounded with lag. - People who plant several unorganized spider dens all right next to each other, typically disturbingly close to base. Great fun when they all reach Tier 3 and nobody will deal with them except me, the non-Webber.
  5. I'd do the same. I don't take resources from chests normally, but I will always nose through them just to see what people have, or sometimes what they need. As for things I like: People actually bringing resources once in a while instead of only taking. Bonus if they maintain the order of what appear to be sorted items or actually sort unsorted chests! The top tier of bro players make useful items ahead of time - I'm talking battle spears, salves, telltale hearts, that sort of stuff. But hopefully they don't use up an entire stock of resources to do that. That's as harmful as it is helpful.
  6. Nothing to be concerned about, it's just me (this time). (Disclaimer: Not my art. Someone I know drew it)
  7. I think the page is just being hammered by the lurkers, i.e nothing wrong on your end.
  8. You can make an argument that datamining is cheating, but ultimately if a dev wants to do something that won't be datamined, the only real solution is not to leave it lying around to be found. Either that or have some real convoluted code stuff to scramble/split up the data, but once the real hackers enter the scene, they'll find that too. Sadly, the age of secrets was left behind in the early 2000s.
  9. Oh, whoops. Added the click cursor
  10. This guy has you covered.
  11. What's more selfish, rightfully reporting what is a bug in the game's code, or shaming people for doing it because you want to bypass restrictions in the game? If it concerns you so much, it might be worth creating a mod to make this 'official'. Heck, I'm tempted to do it, but there's no guarantee I'll get it done anytime soon.