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The Shame that Is Dont Starve Together's Fighting Mechanics

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So i have mastered the original Dont Starve Reign Of Giants Version on my Ps4. I know how to kite all the enemies and i know which enemies must be tanked and not kited.

After, "A New Reign," was released i decided to try Dont Starve Together again after almost a year of updates to it. What an utter disappointment. STILL.

I played by myself in offline mode on my ps4 and discovered how Klei broke their fighting mechanics of Dont Starve.

Pressing square now is either hit or miss, it either will try for a hit or wont swing at all and sometimes, when he does swing, it misses the enemy completely. This makes running in for a quick hit impossible because mashing square might just not work and youll be smacked instead.

  Other times, where the hit connects, the animation of the enemy being hit either wont register or... somethin else. So its like did i hit him or not? Am i not close enough? Frustrating.

Enemies that were once a "kite-able" enemy are not anymore because of how slow and poor the fighting is. One example would be the clockwork knight. Used to be, Run, Strike Twice, Run, and if he did that leg thing you could get 3 in. Now, tank only because i dont know if the hit box had been made smaller or its the poor fighting issues, or more likely, both.

So many enemies are just flat out boring to fight because all you can do is tank them.

Swamp Tentacles for example used to be Run, strike twice, run, strike twice, but now, with the lag of the square button mixed with "swing but miss" issue tentacles are impossible to fight this way. So, now just stand there with some armor and press square. What a chore to replace armor so often. The game used to be well balanced...

Also, it seems that if you move the stick at all after pressing square he'll cancel the strike. Which is also really bad design. So often do i press square and barely move the stick by accident only to be swatted because Wilson would just say i guess were running now.

I really hope Klei adresses this in their new disc relase. I want DST to be great so i can buy the disc but refuse to play it like this, in its buggy state. 

Anyone else feel the same? Or notice other fighting issues not listed here? 

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Any enemy that was kite-able is still kite-able, but the room for error is much lower and the amount of hits you can get in before moving is often lower. It isn't nearly as good as regular DS, but I wouldn't really say its bad to the point of being unplayable.

On a separate note, what's this about a disc release?

Oh and one more thing "A New Reign" is STILL not out on PS4 as you seemed to suggest

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I saw on a "new and upcoming releases" website that the "Dont Starve Mega Pack" is being released on Disc in July. Thought this was because of the ANR release. Hopefully, thats true.

as far as enemies being kiteable, your comment about enemies being more difficult to kite may be true, but its pretty apparent that the only reason that margin for error is lower is due mostly in part by the square button lag and the other issues mentioned in the original post. Fighting Tentacles now is nearly impossible to do without being hit. Even if i lower my kite strikes to one single strike often the square lag or another issue will cause me to be slapped around before i land anything. 

Hopefully when A New Reign does make it to ps4 it will patch up these errors.


On a side note, there is still the bug where Wilson goes to whack at something with an axe and just freezes. The same is true about picking up certain objects. This bug was around on release and its still present. I hope Klei hasnt forsaken PS4 players as im sure its a large market they would like to continue to profit from. 


I really do hope Klei either:

A. Returns the DST fighting mechanics to original formula

B. Releases a Dont Starve DLC of "A New Reign" and adds what is not there from DST.

Either one would get the job done and get more money out of me and many of my friends. 

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