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[Feedback] Controls suggestions

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- When crafting items or managing your inventory, when you tap an object off the inventory menu it shouldn't interact with the object. Instead, it should just exit the inventory. Or, a separate button to close the inventory menu could work. Frequently I interact with my bird cage rather than just exiting the menu.

- Using the crock pot is extremely wonky. The crock pot menu is next to the inventory menu. When you try to drag an item to the crockpot, it opens the inventory instead. The only way to use the crockpot is to drag and drop items from the inventory to the crockpot in the world.

Virtual stick

- When dragging items from the inventory, if you drag over where the virtual stick should be, the inventory menu is exited. I need to drag the item around the virtual stick.

- Objects under the virtual stick shouldn't be interacted with. For example, if there is a beefalo under the virtual stick and I move Wilson, wilson will attack the beefalo rather than moving.

Both of these bugs can be fixed by testing if where the player is tapping/dragging is in a radius to the center of where the virtual stick is positioned; or testing if the player is dragging an item or is in the inventory menu.

- Moving and opening the inventory menu causes the player to keep moving when the inventory is closed. This makes things like crafting or placing undone.


- Instead of the current drag and drop system, instead we could tap an item for a list to pop up. In the list there would be the current stuff such as examine, and there would be an additional "pick up" option. When you pick up an item, in the top right corner where most of the HUD is there would be the item that you picked up with a number of how much is in the stack. Then when you tap on the world or inventory slot, the picked up item is placed. This could be an option in the settings if people are used to using the drag and drop system.

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Agreed, the idea to just bring the entire game from PC to Android unchanged is terrible. My phone have a large screen but I still have to quint if I want to see anything. Instead of the long row of item menu and building menu, they should just have a backpack icon and skills icon and be done with it. Suggestion: players can tap + hold the backpack icon and the item list will appear vertically  for a few slot and we can scroll through the items . On the other hand, the interacting button is irritating as you cant tap it continuously causing a slight delay when we're gathering resources, maybe an auto button will be helpful. I havent fighting with any monster yet but a delay like that can kill my charater very quick, speed is critical in games like this. You also cant healing and running at the same time, a quick use slot is needed. I've just played but have already seen a lot of problems, who knows what lies ahead? 

P/s: I also apologize for any grammar mistake I might have. 

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