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69 hours experience

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I have a save where my colony survived 240 days and I would like to highlight some thing that I would like to change/add:

  • Duplicants frequently cause themselves to suffocate. When I request them to build a floor above a water tank, they jump in and cave themselves in. I would do 2 things here: #1 When they are building something, check what duplicants it would block from them (the path between the two duplicants), and if the path gets blocked, automatically request the other guys to move to the builders location (or a non-blocked place, that's near). #2 The builder should not be on the wrong side either: build from a place, where the duplicant will still be able to reach its bed (or the portal) after building. (this is checked in the game after building "Bed beyond reach"). If this is not possible show a warning. I would like to know about the dangers before the duplicants are actually suffocating.
  • Add a power swtich: 2 inputs, 1 output, like a transistor. One input is the power source, that takes arbitrary power and it goes to the output IF the other input is under power (or not under power, depending on the users settings). This one tool could allow much more advanced electrical engineering. I would also make light wattage logical gates, because they would be useful for this tool: AND, OR, XOR. They are not complicated to include in the game and would make a huge increase in the game's options.
  • Sand refinement: after 240 days almost all the sand is gone and I won't be able to purify water or deal with polluted oxygen (other than liquefying it).
  • Better job management: Base problem: I have 7 duplicants in this save. The food resources that I have are only enough for 6. If one of them would operate the musher, until I make more food, it would be all good. I set the jobs, so only this one guy can operate the machine. If the musher has a low priority, this guy won't work, because there are no resources to make food. If I allow him to deliver them for himself, he will start delivering materials for the constructions. If I give a higher priority to the musher, everybody will be delivering dirt and water to it and the constructions will never be ready. I would divide the delivery tasks in multiple groups: Only construction delivery; delivery for machines; delivery for storages.
  • Still job management: Use a queue-like data structure for the jobs, so that the duplicants will finish the tasks that were requested earlier. By base problem is that there are some jobs that will never get done, unless I explicitly set the priority higher. Or just give the older tasks some higher value when evaluating which task to perform first.
  • Warnings: I would like to get warning messages before structures break
  • I would really like to see animals in the game. The ones that are in the game are small do no have much use.
  • Substances could change melting (evapouration etc.) point based on the atmosphere pressure. For example pump chlore into a room, the pressure increases => the temperature of the has increases, If I cool it to around 0 C, it starts liquefying, because the temperature is high. Backwards: Water in Vacuum start evapourating. This could be used to deal with really high/low temperatures.


  • Above all, Great artwork!
  • I really like the realistic physics in the game
  • The game is complicated, even the most basic things, like farms are challenging. I really like this

I hope I could help, thank you for your time!

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I found a roundabout way to deal with the delivery to the musher and other machines.  Power a door and set it so only one delivery person can go into that particular room then set the priority higher for everything inside.  They will focus on running the machine in the room while allowing the other dupes to maintain the rest of the base.  This does consume power but it is another prioritization step that you can take.

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As far as sand goes, it'd be neat to have a Rock Crusher for various refinement purposes - such as crushing Sedimentary Rock to Sand. (Not Sandstone, though, because then you'd be tearing out all your early game floors and it'd be a micromanaging nightmare.)

However, one thing I LOVE about this game is how it never really lets up on the challenge. Having the sword hanging over your head re; water purifiers is a great way to give a late-game objective - specifically, toying with the game's more complex elements to create boilers, liquefiers, and other heating/cooling systems.

I'd love things like logic gates, as long as they're not massive contraptions that take up half the base... I've had to wrestle with that enough in other games.

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