[RESOLVED] Game doesnt start (DirectX is required to play)


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Greetings. I have trouble launching the game, after 2 hours of gameplay; at start, it says "Direct X is required to play Mark of the Ninja (KGraphics::initialize()failed)

I tried the DX setup in the game folders; I tried updating my video card driver. I tried reinstalling the game. No success.

DXdiag linked to it.

Thanks in advance, and by the way, it is a great game!





P.S.: Just realised that my DxDiag is in french. If you need help translating, feel free to ask!

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If you haven't restarted your computer since upgrading to Windows 10 (or updating your Windows 10 OS), you could try that. Alternatively, you may want to try installing, or re-installing the latest drivers for your graphics card.

Should the issue persist, you can also try adjusting Windows compatibility settings on the game executable to Windows 7. (Steam\steamapps\common\mark_of_the_ninja\bin\game.exe)

Right click on "game.exe" > choose Properties > Compatibility Tab > "Run this program in compatibility mode for.... > choose Windows 7

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