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Something doable at the late gameplay

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First of all as none english speaker, i wish i could write down my thought well in english.

Some people saids that once they have built every buildings and have enough water, oxygen and food, they have nothing more to do.
I think the same thing. Dev can add more contents again, but it will be also finally consumed. So I thought about a good way to solve it.

That is to say, "Rewards for Materials".
If you collect certain materials, you can get rewards through the printing pod.
Reward lists are updated randomly and periodically by the printing pod, as if new duplicants are provided.
And we can select and save the reward list. So if you meet the requirements later, you can get the reward. It is a concept similar to Quest.

Here are some examples.

1. Suit A: All attributes +10
Requirement: 100 of Pepper Breads

2. Suit B: Remove negative traits when equipped
Requirement: 1000kg of liquid Chlorine

3. Pill A: Remove negative traits permanently (Assignable to a duplicant)
Requirement: 1000kg of liquid Oxygen, 10000kg of iron at 120~125 Celsius

4. Pill B: Revive a dead duplicant (Assignable to a tombstone)
Requirement: 1000kg of liquid CO2, 10000kg of algae, 10000kg of water at 33-38 Celcius

5. Pill C: Increase specific attributes by 5 permanently (Assignable to a duplicant)
Requirement: 10000kg of Oxygen

6. 10000kg of Copper
Requirement: 10000kg of water at 20-30 Celcius

and so on...

Maybe the methods to store all these required materials is needed though. But we know there is the bottled gas and water in current game already.

So in my thought, even with these several supposed example, the gameplay can be more challengable, variable and doable at the late gameplay.
We can free from the limit of materials by exchange and sometimes we want our own lovely Super Duplicant, right?

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