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algae terrarium not showing CO2 used/consumed?

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Hi all!

I just noticed how the algae terrarium sometimes not shows how much CO2 it is using. As seen on the first screenshot it shows the amount of O2 and algae used, but not the CO2. Even when enough algae is delivered it still does not show the CO2 usage. There is algae in there, cause it says it is using it. There is also plenty of CO2.


After reloading the file it showed it again.


I also noticed that some lines say 'using' and others say 'consuming'. Does someone knows what the difference is?



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"Using" is from storage of the terrarium.

"Consuming" is from environment. You can avoid having your dupes deliver water to the terrarium by putting it in shallow water pool, then it will start "consuming" that water and stop "using" water in storage.

When it doesn't say that the terrarium is consuming CO2 it means there's no CO2 in the gas immediately around it. In your image you can see the terrarium is sitting in a bubble of oxygen. It can only consume CO2 directly covering it.

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3 hours ago, SilenceKiller99 said:

Oke, thanks. But just for confirmation: it can only consume CO2 from that one block place behind the top half? Cause there is lots of CO2 around, even in the lower half of the terrarium.

I assume so. The lower half might be blocked by water if you put it in it so it wouldn't work if it was taking CO2 from there. I also guess it is putting the produced oxygen to that tile so it blocks itself every so often.

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