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Renewable "Peat" resource which could be burned in place of coal.

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You should be able to create and/or find peat which can be burned for energy, either in the coal generator or another generator. You could make it out of fertilizer or algae. The disadvantage would be that in consumes oxygen and emits pouted oxygen when you burn it, in addition to producing CO2.

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Many have complained that the Coal Generator (and Hydrogen Generator) are unrealistic in that they don't consume oxygen. While this is quite true to real science, it would likely crush gameplay. In a race to consume oxygen, industrial equipment will always beat human lungs; therefore, the only way to make the game playable is to eliminate the competition. Clogging the base with extra Carbon Dioxide is bad enough.

That being said, the "Consumable Ore" category is currently a small one. If we had future sources of Consumable Ore - like Peat - it could certainly add a different resource loop approach. Making it from fertilizer would definitely make sense, and would be a semi-renewable way to power the base... at the cost of even more CO2 to deal with.

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