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Custom Sanity Badge

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You might want to look at this for extracting the sanity badge into spriter, credits to Simplex: 

I've edited my own widget and then repackaged it for use as a meter but the image keeps failing me as seen below:



(black bar shifts it's position for no known reason; maybe the animation wasn't correctly read and exported to spriter?)

After getting your asset complete you'd need to disable and hook in your widget in place of the sanity badge, that may need the AddClassPostConstruct() to add additional conditions to existing code files DST uses. I'm still unable to get my badge to fully work how I intended it, it's a tricky process and I'm still looking for assistance with anyone experienced in this field.

You should only really need to worry about overwriting the sanity badge asset (so you should be okay), just make sure you set your character to have a tag that triggers the code uniquely for that character.

The only mod I've seen to implement a working custom badge is the rick mod, but the way that's implemented is different from the way I've been trying to implement it (graphically at least). Found here: It's Miami Rick.


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