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Suggestions after playing 20 hours

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Super fun game. Here are some suggestions for features:

1) Motion sensor switches or timer switches so that I can eg. use lights without having to waste energy when everyone's asleep. Being able to toggle my circuits on and off at night or have them on for only a certain fraction of the day would be helpful.

2) The ability to set hotkeys for selecting buildings within a build menu. Maybe like alt+1, alt+2 once I've opened a build menu to build the first, second, third buildings in that menu etc. At the very least, it would be helpful if I could set hotkeys for building wire, liquid and gas piping, tile etc.

3) The ability to use the keyboard to set numerical thresholds in eg. thermal switches, gas or liquid valves, etc. I'd like to be able to type in an exact number rather than use the slider. I feel like typing an exact number is the only way to ensure that finely tuned systems are in balance.


4) It would be neat if there was a way to cool gases extremely quickly so that one could make liquid oxygen etc more easily, rather than using a million thermo regulators, which takes up a lot of space and energy. Even if it still took a lot of energy, that would be fine if it took up less space.



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1) I think 1 for motion sensor is computationally expensive. A time approach is probably doable. Perhaps it is moddable if they allow modding community.

4) You can use a few and just recirculate the coolant. I use 2, and -50°C is relatively attainable (with load)

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Number of thermo regulators only affects how fast the conversion goes. Regulator cools down the gas by 15 C, if you use 1000 g hydrogen packets that means 36 kJ per second. If your polluted oxygen starts at 25 C it's enough to make 167 grams of liquid oxygen per second.

Here's mine. Not the fastest but it already halved PO pressure in huge area around my base.



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On 6/10/2017 at 7:25 PM, Stinktooth said:

Can I get a screenshot?

Forum - 2x Thermo regulators -50C.png

Yes, I know my farms are dead (heat death)

You will see 4 regulators but they aren't connected in series, meaning one after another. Only 2 are connected in series. The outputs are combined. I cool only ~350 grams of gas per 2 generators, ~700g total with two sets/lines of regulators. This is for heat management... there are better setups now that I played longer.

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