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Specialist Dupe Idea

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I have a suggestion for the skill levelling of Duplicants.

At the moment the highest levelled skill determines the Duplicant's profession and this can change if the highest levelled skill changes. However the profession seems to just be a description at the moment.

How about a system where once a Duplicant reaches a certain level for a particular skill they become a "Specialist" in that field.

A Duplicant can only become a specialist in one field at a time. If the player ever wanted to change the specialist field of a particular Duplicant then they could but with a negative consequence - maybe:- removing specialist field and resetting that skill to 0.

  • Specialists in medicine could be a surgeons 
  • Specialist in learning could become a teachers,
  • Specialist in tinkering could become an engineers.

Having specialists could open up the research tree to allow for more specialised machines that can only be operated by engineers, new research being discovered by scientists, teachers being able to teach other dupes to increase the speed at which they level a particualar skill, maybe through a machine like an "Imprinting Machine" increasing the speed of learning of one Duplicant while also giving the dupe a negative trait as a trade-off etc.

This is still a flaky concept but i think it has some potential in some areas.



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Specialization would be nice later-game, especially if it came with visual adjustments. A quick and easy solution, for example, is a Chef's Hat. It's immediately readable from a distance, looks good with the current animations at the Cooking Station, and feels like a little bit of an achievement. Whether the Hat has to be crafted to grant this bonus, or it pops up out of nowhere to denote sufficient Cooking skill, is up for debate.

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