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Feedback to shipwrecked dlc

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Hey Klei,

Nothing important here, just wanted to write a thank you note.
Just wanted to say that I love don't starve and don't starve together. I'm really happy for all the amount of listening you guys did from the community as a bunch of ideas and suggestions I've given throughout the development of this game have been touched upon such as worlds being customizable which you guys did a SUPERB job at. I freaking love it THANK YOU SO MUCH. Also, I was going crazy when you guys actually implemented multiplayer as a change of heart even though you already said you weren't planning on multiplayer. It made me super happy and I think it was a great step for don't starve. I'm so happy for all the efforts your team has made. I cannnot find it but I'm sure I wrote somewhere that I wanted a renewable machete in shipwrecked dlc, don't know where I wrote it but I had said that I always wanted to make a self sustainable base and you guys actually listened and surely enough, idk when, but now there are renewable machetes. The golden machete. Even went far enough as to even added the obsidian machete as well. I just wanted to post this to say thank you so much. I hope I can continue to help support your team as you all worked so hard on creating this game and listening to fans and I cannot express in words how pleased I am of your work. Probably will just buy reign of giants dlc just for the sake of supporting you guys even though I personally don't like it but not like it will affect my gameplay as you get to choose which dlc to use. Again, thank you, you all did a fantastic job!

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