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Animation related question/help

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Hi, I'm currently fresh off the bat for making mods.

I'm investigating a method of adding glow to an existing animation. I start by having two images in Spriter:

- one of the default asset.

- one of the asset in full glow, which sits on top of default at 0% opacity.

Although this works in Spiter, it seems that the opacity tween/interpolation isn't being generated in DST, instead, when the keyframe is reached, the animation instantly flips from default to glow. Given that both images exist and the glow starts off with 0% opacity at start of the animation and then activates, I'm believe I might be doing something wrong in Spriter.

Spoilers contain issues I'm working through atm I'd greatly appreciate pointers on. (Although I will try to hammer through these in time none-the-less ^^)


I do not consider myself particularly well versed with the engine of DS/DST I've already managed to create a new inventory object, structure, event reactions and unlocking of specific default recipes.

Currently I'm looking into making

- A unique character custom tab,

- Custom recipes (for mentioned tab).

- Extracting heating properties/component from fires.

- Getting loot tables to actually drop anything. (tried replicating marble method using loot dropper and shared table; nothing occurs).

Any tangent comments to aid would also be greatly appreciated.



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I can't help you about animation, but you could do an extra thread for your code related questions in spoiler.
There you can elaborate what exactly is your goal and what you tried already (eg. what do you mean with extract heat from fire? And what is not working with loot component?) Explain those in another thread.

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Thank you for your advice, I've already created a new recipe tab and recipe for my mod, soldiering on towards structure/prefab properties and art stuff now. Though the animation stuff still eludes me, snow(on objects) recently has me scratching my head.

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