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An idea for the game ending

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I believe every game should have an ending - it could of course be optional if someone desires a continuous play.

So here is my idea, all comments are welcome!


Since we are starting on an asteroid we could aim to leave it. For it several steps would be necessary:

1. Dig to the outer layer of the asteroid. In other words - reach the space.

2. Build a spaceport there.

3. In the spaceport build a shuttle, in which your duplicants can leave the rock.

It would obviously require very advanced technology and materials, and when build a "launch" button on that spacecraft would end the game.


Other endings, or scenarios, could include reaching X number of population, building Y number of structures, or gathering Z amount of resources.

Or even like it's done in Craft The World - a stargate is buried somewhere and you need to find it to progress to another world/asteroid.


Please discuss and post your ideas. :)

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