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hat making mod help

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im having trouble coding my mod because im trying to make radar ears that Ikaros has the ability to scan the area your in and give all the data values of the entity if you click on it as it will should say once the name of the entity and all the values of information about it

ikaros's radar.pngI'll suggest if your going to add these pictures to the exported make sure to make that there's two files radar and radar_swap

im trying to code these radar ears hat so they and target nearby objects entities etc. an display all the data about that specific entity

im not sure I done the coding right here's a copy of my file if anyone wants to try and see if they know how to code it Ikaros's Radar.rar

plus if anyone knows  how I get the exported side to work there the picture up top if you want to get that fixed as well as im clueless on the exported side as well

and if anyone knows the coding to add this to my character here are the files to do so

i did some coding with my mod

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