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Dedicated server map size

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So, I looked on the internet about creating a new dedicated server and in the worldgenoverride.lua file I'd set the world size to HUGE, but when I start the server and look the world info on the client the map size is set to LARGE.

This is my  worldgenoverride.lua


return {
 override_enabled = true,
       unprepared = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
               berrybush = "default",
               cactus = "default",
               carrot = "default",
               mushroom = "default",
       misc = {
               task_set = "default", -- Biomes: "classic", "cave_default"
               start_location = "default", -- Start: "plus", "darkness", "caves"
               autumn = "default", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"
               boons = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
               branching = "default", -- "never", "least", "default", "most"
               day = "default", -- "default", "longday", "longdusk", "longnight", "noday", "nodusk", "nonight", "onlyday", "onlydusk", "onlynight"
               frograin = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
               lightning = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
               loop = "default", -- "never", "default", "always"
               season_start = "default", -- "default", "winter", "spring", "summer", "random"
               spring = "default", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"
               summer = "default", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"
               touchstone = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
               weather = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
               wildfires = "default", -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
               winter = "default", -- "noseason", "veryshortseason", "shortseason", "default", "longseason", "verylongseason", "random"
               world_size = "huge", -- "default", "medium", "large", "huge"
       animals = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
               alternatehunt = "default",
               angrybees = "default",
               beefalo = "default",
               beefaloheat = "default",
               bees = "default",
               birds = "default",
               butterfly = "default",
               buzzard = "default",
               catcoon = "default",
               frogs = "default",
               hunt = "default",
               lightninggoat = "default",
               moles = "default",
               penguins = "default",
               perd = "default",
               pigs = "default",
               rabbits = "default",
               tallbirds = "default",
       monsters = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
               bearger = "default",
               chess = "default",
               deciduousmonster = "default",
               deerclops = "default",
               dragonfly = "default",
               goosemoose = "default",
               houndmound = "default",
               hounds = "default",
               krampus = "default",
               liefs = "default",
               lureplants = "default",
               merm = "default",
               spiders = "default",
               tentacles = "default",
               walrus = "default",
       resources = { -- "never", "rare", "default", "often", "always"
               flint = "default",
               flowers = "default",
               grass = "default",
               marshbush = "default",
               meteorshowers = "default",
               meteorspawner = "default",
               reeds = "default",
               rock = "often",
               rock_ice = "default",
               sapling = "default",
               trees = "default",
               tumbleweed = "default",


This is the in client info:



oh and i'm using the steam dedicated server tool

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Hi @Terule, welcome to the forums!

You have to place your worldgenoverride.lua in the Master folder of your cluster before you launch your server for the first time. Make sure there is no leveldataoverride.lua in the Master folder, as it can (and will) override your settings. Delete the save folder and relaunch your server to regenerate your world with the current settings.

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