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Wilton, The Repossessed

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An aged soul who has lived in the world for many lifetimes. Among the first brought into the world, none since have developed such a high understanding of the magic within. Through Wilton's practice he was able to use magic to autonomously revive himself. Endlessly continuing the struggle for survival, suspending its end, for fear of death and purgatory. Wilton lives on within the corpses of passed survivors, rendered unable to speak his voice is that of hollowed whispers.

Functional Synopsis: Dead, practitioner of the arcane.


Health : 120

Hunger : 200

Sanity : 100


Wilton lives through skeletons, being a learned practitioner of magic he is capable of conjuring rites normal survivors cannot comprehend.

Because Wilton is only a skeleton, he functions differently then other survivors. His physical presence is powered by his skeletal body, as well as his ethereal Hunger and Sanity. Wilton is also capable of faking death by going limp, this having the same effect as a bush hat, and while doing so he will not be attacked by Charlie in the darkness either.



Health – Wilton does not receive healing to his body through most average means except for healing salves and honey poultices. Wilton however can repair his body with certain other items.

Bone Shards, Ten Health

Hound Teeth, Twenty Health,

Walrus Tusks / Beefalo Horns, Hundred Health.

Every twenty five damage dealt to Wilton will cause his body to naturally drop one bone shard, Wilton also has a twenty five percent chance to acquire a bone shard from killing organic enemies. Wilton is capable of using ten bone shards to construct a skeleton. When Wilton's body is destroyed, it will drop three bone shards and leave no skeleton behind. He is incapable of crafting a Telltale Heart.



Sanity - Wilton does not suffer from any type of normal sanity drain or gain, but will still experience the effects of lowered sanity. When Wilton's body is destroyed, his ghost will be released but he will not be counted as dead. The world will not countdown to regeneration and he will not be able to be revived by a Telltale Heart.

While Wilton's ghost is active, he can haunt an existing skeleton to be revived. Whenever Wilton's skeleton is destroyed, he will lose fifty Sanity. He will also lose fifty Sanity when he possesses another skeleton. While in a ghost state, his Sanity will be drained by one every two seconds. If Wilton's Sanity reaches zero while in a ghost state, he will become exhausted and lose the ability to move. He will then be counted as fallen, be unable to haunt objects, and if applicable; world countdown will begin. If Wilton's physical body is destroyed, and he is already at or reaches zero Sanity from the event; Wilton will automatically fall into this state and be doomed.

Wilton is capable of consuming certain items to regenerate his Sanity.

Telltale Heart, One Hundred Sanity

Life Amulet, One Hundred Sanity

Nightmare Fuel, Twenty Sanity

Magical means of Sanity drain and gain will still effect Wilton; such as Nightmare Lights, Magiluminescence, using Staves and combating Shadows.

Wilton can be given a Telltale Heart when he is exhausted in ghost form to rejuvenate his Sanity, and can haunt a Life Amulet in ghost form to also regenerate Sanity.



Hunger - Wilton's Hunger is indicative of the energy keeping his power active. It drains at eighty percent of the average rate, and consuming food fuels his magic. Although he will not gain any Health or Sanity from consuming food. While his Hunger is at zero, he will lose Sanity at five per second. Wilton loses Hunger equal to twenty percent of any damage he receives, and damage caused by burning, overheating and freezing will also be deducted from his Hunger. Food Wilton is carrying will expire thirty percent faster then normal, but he will not experience any negative penalties from eating spoiled or dangerous foods.

He is a learned practitioner of the arcane. Although inexperienced in modern survivor magic; Wilton has access to his own special arrangement of items in the magic tab.



Borne Horn : One Beefalo Horn – One Purple Gem – Five Nightmare Fuel – One Hundred and Fifty Hunger

Blowing this horn will reanimate any skeletons in the area as minions for three days, at which point they will revert back to being inanimate. A maximum of five skeletons can be animate at once, each skeleton having one hundred health, dealing thirty damage per hit and will kite. Their health can be repaired in the same manner as Wilton's. Blowing the horn while animate skeletons are around will increase their attack and defense by thirty percent for thirty seconds; including Wilton.

Each use costs twenty durability, and can be recharged for ten durability with one nightmare fuel.

Nightmare Dart : Two Bone Shards – One Batsilisk Wing – One Nightmare Fuel – Twenty Five Hunger

Striking an enemy with this dart will cause them to temporarily run rampant and attack the nearest creature nearby. The initial aggression will last for ten seconds, has longer range then an average dart.

Single use.

Shadow Staff : Walrus Tusk – Three Nightmare Fuel – Three Bone Shards – One Hundred Hunger

Casts shadowy ranged projectiles which applies haunting and deals forty damage to the target. Can be used on objects, each cast reduces Sanity by three.

Loses five durability per cast, using one purple gem recharges it completely.

Tome of Night Terrors : Five Papyrus – One Purple Gem – Five Nightmare Fuel – One Hundred and Fifty Hunger

Conjures three shadow creatures, seventy five percent chance for each to be a Crawling Horror while twenty five percent chance for each to be a Terrorbeak, which will serve the caster as allies for three minutes before vanishing.

One cast depletes durability to zero, can only be cast at a hundred durability. One nightmare fuel can be used to rejuvenate ten durability.

Dream Walking Pendant : Three Moon Rocks – Two Nightmare Fuel – One Iridescent Gem – Fifty Hunger

Wearing this will cause the user to become slightly transparent and the colour pigments of the world to fade. The user will no longer be able to be detected by enemies who are not already aggravated onto them, however the user will still be capable of moving and interacting with the world. The user loses one sanity every three seconds while the pendant is equipped, and attempting to interact with any objects will cause the pendant to fall onto the floor.

The pendant loses one durability every two seconds. One nightmare fuel recharges ten durability.

The Phantom's Heart : Fifty Sanity - Fifty Hunger - Five Bone Shards

Can be used to revive another survivor, the revival does not restore any Sanity.




Wilton experiences an alternative means of handling each regular type of statistic, also having unique advantages and disadvantages for dealing with death. Specifically, Wilton's ability to craft unique special items using uncommon resources allows him to gain specific benefits at various costs.





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