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Nickdy    18

All was well in the community, it was a sunny day just like the days past. We were preparing for the long winter, storing massive amounts of food in our cellars, and for once we were starting to reclaim some aspects of civilized society, even erecting a massive wooden wall to block out intruders and planting a massive farm of berries, freshly fertilized. We would be a hunter gatherer society no longer. Suddenly, it began to rain. Harmless as rain may seem, it was not the rain we were afraid of, but the the terrible things it brings. "WE NEED A LIGHTNING ROD, OR THIS WHOLE PLACE WILL GO UP IN FLAMES" I screamed as I sprinted towards the farm. However, it was too late, As I was placing the lightning rod, I was struck by lightning. In the blink of an eye, a wave of fire the size of our entire base consumed everything we knew and loved. Our first night after the great fire of day 47 was mournfull. We all knew that there were virtually no more bushes in the entire world, and any other resources in the world would be scarce. As added measure, we started to see our first snowflakes.

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