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Hardcore mode

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Hello all!

I played this game a lot and tried to have more challenge by selecting always a dupe when he came and ofc no save and load this is my story so far ( spoiler alert i stopped cause my pc cant take the dups)

i loved it and i ll wait for more content and more challenge :) cu in the next update!

Day 1

starting to find already planted food don't dig up anything except if you really need it!

Day 3

a malfunction in the portal is a reality now i have to plan ahead... ( i Photoshoped the reject all button this is not a feature (yet) )hardcore-day3.jpg


day 23
This is fun i have to make plans for all the problems i will have very soon! FAST


day 35

expanding making beds digging algae you know the usual...


day 50

using the cold biomes to build bateries and storing food is a must do and have to be added to "dups manual of survival for dummies"hardcore-day50.jpg

day 55

i made a special place for coal generation with much phosphorite for them to eat


day 73

food crisis is real let the moosh bars save the day


day 92

a day with no red flashing red alerts is a good day...


day 93

i had to use the slime... its a waste not to do so even if it requires a large amount of resources for very little algae output...


day 106

one of the 3 firstborns managed to get stuck in a fantastic manner building blocks like mine craft to get high


day 115

using the hydrogen up top is a good idea now so my dups can breath :p


day 141

looking in to the future i had to do mass refinement plans as a steam room


day 144 (current date)

i think now that i know i can go more than 50 can stop in a stable phase with my pc not able to handle all this chaos, content that i did good
i ll grow this family more when i get a new pc :)



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