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Charlie the queen on the throne!!

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I can see in the next update a portal after fuelweaver is beat and opens up with quote "the light is no match for the dark" and you have to use iridescent gem to open it up and all your friends can enter and there is Charlie sitting in her throne *dramatic music playing* dun dududun dun dududun* and she starts spreading fire everywhere with her hands and summoning tier 2/3 shadow rooks etc and in order for her to become good again you must cover the room in flowers and roses and potted succulents and potted ferns and the darkness in her then lights the flowers on fire but her dark side slowly fades away *dramatic music* dun dududun * dun dududun * and everyone is on fire and the light inside her begins to show (starts to estinguish fires) and spawn in friendly mobs to help BUT NO her darkness comes back and it starts pouring rain then all of a sudden is frog raining then it's summer your overheating !!! *METEOR SHOWER in effect*! Du dududun * BUT NO HER GOODNESS SHINES AND SHE BREAKS AWAY FROM THE EVIL THRONE AND SHES ABOUT TO TAKE HER FIRSR STEP *****BAM GAME CANT HANDLE ALL THE LAGG - GAME CRASHES **** Caves reset day 1 gg 

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