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Would it be possible to make a mod that has a character do quests? Maybe when the character finds the Pig King or a custom npc there can be dialog which starts a line of quests? Or maybe like Force of Nature the player can start with a quest that leads to others? 

I like the game. But I find myself getting bored without "having" quests or having to quest. It's the same with other survival games that has the player do whatever. I say to myself, "ok, what do I do?" even though surviving is the thing to do. So I was thinking, if there were quests it may make the game a bit more fun.

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This is old but...

Klei kinda wanted to do that, but after finishing the quests people were like "OOohh so bored i need a refund so i can buy CoD" so they were removed.

There's currently a mod around there.

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