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(Glitch?) Settings with Oxygen Not Included

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Not sure if this is the right area to be writing so pardon. 

Sorry for typos, I'm using a phone. 

So I just bought ONI and I loaded up the game. Smooth but then I get to the menu screen. I decided to go into settings to see if I could change the graphics in any way. And then I spotted something with I think it was called UiC or something like that. So I turned the setting all the way up and it zoombed everything on the screen in. I didn't like this and didn't know what the original number was so I just clicked the X in hopes that it would revert back. Nope. So now I only see the name, the three bars saying forums updates and something else. I also see the new game button and a sliver of the load game button. No setting button in sight. So I click new game. after loading in a normal sized screen I get shown a zoombed in version of the second of the three starter people. And I can't even see the next button to click on. So now this game is unplayable! I would love some help. I tried reinstalling the game but all the settings were saved. . I myself couldn't find a file to fix it, though, I am no hacker man. I looked through some configuration files and didn't see anything to help though  I may be blind. 


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I accidently tapped a button and I don't know how to get rid of this.

SO, I ended up fixing my problem before seeing the other post. So I had to fix it the uh homebrew way. 

Basically I set my screens orientation to portrait so that it was on its side. this allowed for the settings button to show up!

Thanks Breizhbugs for the other solution though!




I'm still very new to forums 

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