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Wiring Issues - MAJOR

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Hi Klei Team,

There is an error with the wiring system.
1. Often, when you have a large amount of wiring in a small area (think 5 tiny batteries next to one another) the game will often not recognize one of the wires that has already been built therefore displaying that a battery is unconnected. When you go into the build menu to rebuild the wire, the game then recognizes that a wire is there (prior to rebuilding) and restores functionality to the device.
2. I've run into this issue multiple times. In a large and complex wiring system, the system will suddenly stop functioning. The system will essentially act as if there is a disconnected wire without telling you where. This happens randomly and only when you have a very large wiring system. This seems to be related to, if not the same as, the bug noted in 1.

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