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(Spoiler) Hot and Cold

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I feel like I'm spoiled. So I hesitated to post.

First, it is about the infinite power of "Eletrolyer".

It is a concept when I first succeeded. There are a few more ways to improve performance, so try to customize it.


There is a major problem with the stable use of "Eletrolyer" and "Hydrogen generator".

1. Gas filters consume electricity excessively.

2. The pump works with the same amount of electricity, even with a small amount of gas.



1. solution
Make it as shown.
Make a temporary gas filter.
When the hydrogen reaches the uppermost block, the pump is activated to inhale oxygen and hydrogen.
After all the oxygen on the left side comes out, only hydrogen comes out unconditionally. Then break the filter.

The reason why only hydrogen remains
Because hydrogen is lighter than oxygen unconditionally, it is placed on the upper side.

Even if there is a small amount, one block is maintained. If the left and top are filled with hydrogen, then only the hydrogen will be collected on the left without any filters.



2. solution


Dealy system.


It is the simplest form. Here you can add a way to adjust the delay interval. I hope you find out for yourself.

The key is to control the temperature with water and heaters, and to make the pump work occasionally.

The reason for the need for a manual generator is to start the engine only for the first time.


If you are already full of oxygen,

you have to start with a manual generator for a few seconds at a time.

If the oxygen pressure per block is less than 1 kg

No additional power generation was required during the 100 cycles being watched.




My first thermal update design.

The key is that "Eletrolyer" uses only hot water.

All cooling water uses the water given first.

The water used as cooling water is cooled again using ice-biom.

Therefore, cooling water never consumes only 1g of water. Maybe.


I hope that piping through hot water should be made with "Abyssalite".


You do not need to use an insulated pipe.


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