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Higher athletics skill could lead to new Quasimodo-like parkour moves

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I love having a few dedicated runners that do sweeping and delivieries, but it takes away some of the satisfaction of watching them zoom around the base when they have to start and stop everytime they jump a gap, hop down one tile or mount a ladder.

I think it would be super neat if higher athletics skill levels unlocked new, smoother animations! Like clearing a gap with a running jump, mounting a ladder with a lil' pirouette like Quasimodo, doing a roll after jumping down or even running up the walls that they normally hop and clamber up!

Of course some of these might not fit the games art style, and I think the amazing art style is a very important part of ONI! But maybe there can be such a thing as a chirpy, charming wallrun? That is not for me to judge.

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