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Protective Suits

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I've put tons of hours into this game by now, I absolutely love it.
Until now I was a bit hesitant to interact with the community, but I've decided I really want to help this game grow and play an active part in it if I can.

There probably are tons of suggestions for a space suit of some sort, I've tried looking through all suggestions to find one where I could maybe add my idea. But I couldn't really find any topic I felt comfortable putting my own ideas in. It felt more like I'd hijack someone else their suggestion.

Anyway, keeping a base pressurized and filled with good air is quite difficult. Even with double air pressure doors you'll loose a lot of pressure quite quickly, especially if your duplicants need to do something on the other side of those doors. You can fix that with a water block, basically having your dupes instead of using doors go through a two deep pool of water that separate the air inside your base from the outside.

Problem is the duplicants need to breathe, they can't go very far without having to run back for a fresh breath of air and they don't get any work done.
Now with the temperature update there is another Extreme hazard you'll have to worry about.
My solution is protective suits of varying quality and effectiveness to certain hazards. And a way to mark areas which dupes shouldn't enter without such a suit.

Maybe it should be its own separate branch in the tech tree. I haven't been able to explore much of the new update, so my apologies if some my suggestions don't work or don't apply anymore. I've been procrastinating doing this long enough already.
Basically a beginning suit would be as protective as putting a fish bowl on your head and using the air in that to breathe in a toxic or low pressure environment, until it gets so low the dupe needs a refill.
All suits would have some kind of deployment section, basically just a wardrobe where they are stored, that would probably be best placed near an area where the suits need to be used.
The "simple" suit is just put on by the dupe and maybe just takes a bit of the air in the room where it is put on with it. It'd literally be like putting a fish bowl on your head and making sure no air can escape.
The better suits would need a recharge station, one where their tanks can be pumped full of oxygen. This recharge station would need electricity and a gas input.
Besides offering air outside of the base I think there should also be suits that protect against extreme temperatures, these should also be of varying quality beginning with something simple and at the end of the tech tree being able to make something more complicated.

I think each wardrobe and recharge storage should be capable of holding a certain amount of suits, four maybe, that each can be assigned to a dupe. Similar to how apparently doors can now be assigned for certain dupes to pass. (I have not been able to work with that myself yet.)

The simple suits should just have a slowing effect for the hazards they protect against. The fish bowl gives a little extra air and the isolating clothes would just slow down a dupe heating up or cooling off too much.
The more advanced protection should maybe work with an battery, using electricity for their protection and needing to be recharged and refilled at stations.
Maybe there could be a separate storing station and a station for refills on the go, if your dupes have to travel very large distances you could place a oxygen refill station nearby the area where they have to work. It would be quite a hassle to get gas pipes all the way over there, but in certain scenario's it might be worth the trouble.

English isn't my first language and I'm prone to repeating myself.
I still hope this was useful in some way.

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i would want a way for dups to be able to travel into other asteroids.. that would be nice because at the very end your going to run out of resource slowly but surely. who knows there may be new resources and such :o. maybe a suit for going out into the void... also water suits. because items or stuff under large amounts of water is "unreachable" 

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I'll definitely add my support to this.  The game needs a bit more difficulty to come from the atmospheric troubles of space.  As it is, most tunnels get filled up with contaminated oxygen to your net benefit, and oxygen worries become mostly a minor matter of keeping a few electrolyzers going.

Part of this might be that bug/feature where mining out a block causes it to duplicate the contents of a gas block near it.  If a room depressurized as it was mined out and expanded, the game would take a big step to offering more of a challenge in this area.


These suggestions are actually quite close to bits and pieces that can be found through the game.  So far, there seems to be an atmospheric suit, aqua suit, and thermal suit.  They don't do much yet, but its a sign that we might be getting these at some point.


For those looking to peek behind the curtain:



A bit of IL debauchery can convince the game to that the 3 types of atmosuits are manufactured at the microbe musher (only 2 are showed here):




I have seen references to the recharge station as well, but no implementation for it the last time I looked.


I did this pre-TU, wasn't able to hook them up to the assignment system at that time.  Now that clothing is a released feature, I'm sure it could be rigged to function.  However, there would still be little reason to use them at this point.



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